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Whether it’s our staff favourites or you pick yours, you always get the best meats crafted by those that live by the knife


Feel secure that your delivery will be there when you expect it - ready for your freezer

Plan Dinner

Invite some friends over or get the family to the table because you are the master chef tonight!

Treat yourself to the top 2% of all beef in Canada

You deserve the very best Alberta Beef available!

When it comes to steak, sometimes you just want to serve the very best you can find. The very best steak restaurants look for the rare Prime Graded beef. Only 2% of all beef gets this official quality grade and it is so incredibly hard to find. We look for it and find it for you.

It's as simple as pressing the “Make Mine Prime” and POOF!, you are eating like you are surrounded by mahogany and leather bound books and Corinthian leather sectionals.

Why North Range?

Locally Connected Food

We like supporting businesses that value keeping it real and keeping it local and we know you do too. Thanks for supporting local farms, ranches and suppliers.

Be Your Own Butcher!

Your home is filled with picky eaters. Now everyone can get their choice and have their say! Customize your own pack however you like.

Staff-Butcher Curated

Some of us feel better around a little predictability. Our community and our butchers told us what they liked the most, so we just put all of that into a box.

Delivery Plus

We schedule our deliveries so that we reduce the time from butcher block to your freezer. Just look for that distinctive blue colour box at your door.

Butcher Favourites

AAA Tomahawk Steak

Built to shock! This is a monster of a cut meant to cause panic and disarray amongst your guests. This cut will feed at least two hungry adults. Bring this to the table at your own risk. Those people may never leave if you show up with this. It's a story or a fable or a myth.

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Pork Shoulder Butt Roast

There may not be an easier family meal that putting a pork roast in the oven after a good seasoning? Low and slow heat gets you a restaurant-like food experience with the comfort food of some of your best childhood food memories...

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AAA Beef Round Roast

You know, if you ask almost any chef what their final meal would be if they had to choose, it's almost always their Mom's Beef Roast? They may just miss living with their Moms, but it might also be that there isn't a better comfort meal than a great roast...

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Over Here We All Started as Butchers

We all loved the craft of it.

Making something with your hands and getting to feed people.

For years we enjoyed partnering with the great culinary minds of Southern Alberta, bringing creativity and expanding taste palettes. We also liked hanging with farmers and ranchers and understanding how to make great meats happen.

We know you want more choice, more convenience, better service and the ability to say, “I know a guy”. It takes one to know one, so we get it. Thanks for your support of the craft and creativity that is butchery. LIVE BY THE KNIFE!

Live By the Knife!

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What Some Of Our North Rangers Are Saying

5 stars

I started ordering from North Range Craft Butchers soon after the Covid lockdown started. The quality is exceedingly better than meat you find at the grocery store (including the specialty and bulk stores), the amount you get is well proportioned for a family, and the service/delivery is very quick and efficient. I would highly recommend them to other families as well!

Ashley Donohoe - Calgary, Alberta
5 stars

I love cooking for family and friends. North Range will deliver top quality reasonably priced meats to my door twice a week in Canmore where I live. Their refrigerated delivery trucks maintain that quality until it reaches my home. I receive what I want, when I want, from a supplier I can trust.

Dan Wester - Chef
5 stars

The quality is excellent and the portions are perfect for our family! The breaded chicken is a favourite in our house. We make a variety of meals with it. We love the ribs, the brats, & the thick bacon too. Ya just can’t beat the meat!! 2 Thumbs up!!! Support local! North Range Craft Butchers is my go to meat place now! Delivered straight to my door.

Leanna & Thomas & Millie Bea Jewel, the dog

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