The Great Rib Trio Pack

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4 out of 5 Pterodactyls agree that their favorite cut of meat is the rib steak. Now you can order the Great Rib Trio for every level of your inner-caveman starting with every Flintstone’s favorite, the Rib Steak, to the Frenched Bone-in Rib Steak that comes in left and right-handed options, to the terrifyingly large Tomahawk that feeds two hungry Neanderthals with one serving. It’s a Jurassic dream of evenings by the fire on a cool night, except you’re in the comfort of your home and you aren’t being hunted by a fantastically large carnivorous monster. Relax, you bring the fire, we deliver the meat. 

14 servings per pack = Average $22.85/serving

  • AAA Frenched Rib Steaks 18oz (3 portions)
  • AAA Ribeye Steaks 1” (5 Portions)
  • AAA Tomahawks 40-45oz (2 Portions)

Bucket Limit Full !!