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Bow Valley BBQ + North Range Craft Butchers


Bow Valley BBQ is all about flavour and quality. Period.


Founded by chef and entrepreneur, Jamie Ayles in 2012, Jamie and Chris Dean, Head of Product Development, had an ambitious goal: to create high-quality, restaurant worthy products. Both with culinary backgrounds as executive chefs in the Bow Valley area and abroad, their experience granted them the ability to create the exceptional flavours Bow Valley BBQ is internationally acclaimed for today.


Bow Valley Sauces in North Range Kitchen


Using only REAL ingredients to keep things simple and maintain the highest standards of products, Bow Valley’s mad love and respect for food and restaurant quality creations is what sets their products apart of the competition.

The company pushes the limits while still maintaining familiarity, allowing for the expansion of recipes and elevation of food. Bow Valley BBQ is proud to encourage others to get creative, whether you’re sizzling a veggie stir fry from the kitchen or heading out to the barbecue with a couple steaks in tow.


North Range Bison Striploin with Bow Valley Sauce

“How good does this sauce look next to one of our prime-graded steaks!”


Over here at North Range, we are all about supporting our local craft butchers.

It’s also about knowing the people around you from meat producers to local suppliers.

It seems natural to us here that we should pal around with Jamie, Chris and all the flavour familia at Bow Valley BBQ because they value all those same things. Afterall, food brings the family together, ours just happens to be with all of those others that just want to make good food better.

North Rangers meet Bow Valley BBQ! We should all feel just a little safer in the knowledge that when we don’t know what to do…just add sauce.


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