Mahi Mahi - Boneless Skinless

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6oz (10 Portions)

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Listen man, you are an ugly fish, so I'm afraid we are going to have to eat you now! It isn't is definitely YOU! Hey, it isn't something you see at the store every day that's for sure! In fact, it's pretty difficult to come by this cut of fish. Mahi Mahi hangs out at shallow depths in warm waters. It's a tad fishier than Cod, but not as fishy as Swordfish. Are we making any sense there? Google this fish and you will see what we mean when we put it at a 1 out of 10 for attractiveness? We get you 10 x 6oz. portions so you can invite some others, that may like a fish with a stupid big forehead!

Bucket Limit Full !!