AAA Beef Top Sirloin Steaks Center Cut 6oz (10 Portions)

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Hey, it's a 35-day aged AAA graded Alberta beef steak - what more can a carnivore ask for? Sirloins are that special cut that bridges the gap between tenderness, marbling, and lots of beefy flavour (yep, that's a thing). We all know that Alberta beef is the very best quality on the planet. The only way to top a perfect sirloin cut is with our very own Prime graded version. You may not know that there is actually a grade above AAA, but there is and it is usually something that only the leather and mahogany steak lounges get to play with. Click "Make-Mine-Prime" if you dare? Our sirloin steaks are individually selected and hand-cut  and cut to 6oz(170 grams)

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