Canadian Bison Pack

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Nature calls! For those that can't get enough of Canadian history and the true taste of the land, it's the bison pack that makes you feel like a pioneer or a frontiersman. Bison is best raised without human intervention, just on their own out on the wild open plains and grasslands of the foothills. No antibiotics or hormones needed. It's like time just stood still waiting for you and your BBQ to come along! Check it out: 6 awesome New York cut steaks, 6 portions of Tenderloin and 3 x 453g packages of ground bison. Win the West today!


24 servings per pack = Average $11.45/serving

Each pack contains the following:

  • Bison New York Steaks 8oz (6 Portions)
  • Bison Tenderloin Steaks 5oz (6 Portions)
  • Lean Ground Bison (3x453g)

Bucket Limit Full !!